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🌼 Vasant Pancami 🌼

26. January 2023, starts 5 p.m.

Program 17.00 Kirtan 18.00 Lecture 19.00 Arati and Tulasi-parikrama followed by prasadam, karma-free meal

We would like to invite you all on a journey to springtime Vrindavan. Through the blessings of our Gurus we may - hopefully - somehow assist Sri Sri Radha Govinda to celebrate and enjoy the beginning of spring. On this day we also celebrate the appearance and passing away of some of our Acharyas and Mahaprabhus eternal associates. And it is also the day of Sarasvati Puja. So all in all, a truly holy and auspicious day to which we invite you all. If you want to participate even more, you can put on yellow clothes as the Vrajavasis do on this day. All the temples in Vrindavan are also decorated in yellow. Even the prasadam is yellow on this day.

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